Short storyboard script for a comic about a difficult friendship between a cat and a canary.

It's tough to fight appetite when your friend smells like fried chicken.



Page 1 (four panels)

Pic 1: Small panel, extreme close-up of an extended finger fumbling with the rim of a shot
glass. (no dialogue)

Pic 2: Wide strip panel to the right of Pic 1, long shot of bar interior, dark but lively with
people. (no dialogue)

Pic 2: Unclosed large panel with a torso shot of Stevie the cat, overlapping a bit of Pic 2. He
is dressed in business attire, but it is somewhat disheveled. Behind him, there is a live show
on stage. He looks distressed, knocking over the shot glass with his fingers. There are several
more empty shot glasses on the bar counter.

Stevie: Sigh...

Pic 3: Full width panel, wide frame of bar counter, Stan the rat and Stevie sitting on stools,
backs towards us. Stan is dressed casually, but with a jacket. He has the typical professor
look, glasses and all. The bartender is standing on the other side facing them.

Stan: Don’t worry too much about it, pal.

Stevie: I don’t know, Stan. I’m not sure how long I can hold out.

Page 2 (five panels)

Pic 1: Full width panel, showing a photo of Stan, Stevie, and Marty the canary smiling

Stevie: Every time I see Marty I can’t resist myself.

Stevie: His soft, feathery hands, his round cheeks, his little beak, and the way he tweets…

Pic 2: Half width panel, close-up of Stevie’s face, covered by his hand. He has a look of

Stevie: I wanna eat him SO bad!!

Pic 3: Half width panel next to Pic 3, torso shot of Stevie and Stan. Stan is looking
empathetically at Stevie, who still has his face in his hands.

Stan: But you’ve been very good all these years! Come on, buddy. Marty’s gonna be your best
man next month.

Pic 4: Full width panel, flash back shot of Stevie chasing Stan, who is scampering away on all

Stan: I mean, remember when we first got to know each other?

Pic 5: Full width panel, a close-up of a can of cat food. Label reads: “All veggies! GOOD-EKITT-
E Carnivorous Appetite Suppressant”

Stan: Never thought it would work out, but you came back to good ol’ Stevie, and we never had
problems since.

Stevie: Well, that’s because I got started on cat food.

Page 3 (six panels)

Pic 1: Small 1/3 width panel, extreme close-up of Stevie’s lips pulling out a cigarette of catnip.

Stevie: …and no offence,

Pic 2: 2/3 width panel, torso shot of Stevie and Stan. Stevie has a slight, playful grin as he
blows smoke towards Stan. Stan looks annoyed, not because of the smoke, but because of
Stevie’s upcoming joke.

Stevie: (bubble connected with Stevie’s line on Pic 1) but you smell like sewers

Stan: HEY!

Stevie: (Small bubble, out of main focus) Just kidding.

Pic 3: Small panel, extreme close-up of Stevie’s profile face, cigarette in his mouth.

Stevie: Hmm…

Pic 4: Semi-wide panel, dark front doors of the bar opening. Marty’s upper body shows
through it.

Stevie: You’re right. I shouldn’t worry. Marty’s my best friend. I need to keep my cool for him.

Stevie: I know- I’ll just change my cat food and maybe it’ll go away.

Pic 5: Small panel, long shot of Stan at the counter facing away from us and towards Marty,
who is walking inside. Stan has his hand raised and Marty is waving.

Stan: Speaking of, there he comes.

Stan: (no bubble, small letters) over here

Pic 6: Unclosed large panel, torso shot of Marty, Stevie and Stan. Marty looks delighted to
see them, but Stevie has an uneasy grin.

Marty: Hi, guys.

Stevie & Stan: Yo, Marty.

Page 4 (five panels)

Pic 1: Full width panel, long shot of the three sitting at the bar counter, backs towards us. On
the right side, closer to us, a clumsy looking worker is struggling as he carries a huge tub of
cooking oil and flour on each of his shoulders.

Stan: How’s it going?

Marty: Oh, not much at work. But my wife finally laid our eggs this morning.

Stan: Woah! Congrats!

Pic 2: Half width panel, close-up of Marty smiling and talking. Behind him, the worker is
falling over with the cooking oil and flour.

Marty: Yeah, but you know, last time it was..

Worker: (no bubble) Woaaaaahhhhh

Pic 3: Half width panel, same composed shot of Marty. But the cooking oil and flour is
getting dumped all over him.


Pic 4: Full width strip panel, Stevie’s eye, wide and crazed.

That smell……!!!

Pic 5: Full width large panel, Stevie with his mouth wide open, pouncing on a startled Marty.
Behind them is Stan, hand outstretched as if to stop Stevie.

Stan: (long, jagged bubble going across the panel behind Stevie) NOOOOOOOOOO!!


Page 5 (six panels)

Pic 1: Small square panel, Stan hopping over the bar counter.

Pic 2: Small square panel, Stan behind the counter, reaching down for something.

Pic 3: Small square panel, Stan holding up a water nozzle.

*Pic 1, 2, 3 are a set of same sized panels going diagonal, each overlapping a corner of the

Pic 4: Unclosed full width large panel, Stan shooting water from afar, the water coming
towards us on to Stevie. The water stream explodes as Stevie is knocked away from Marty.


Pic 5: Full width strip panel, long shot of all the people in the bar, staring towards us in
surprise. They are gasping and whispering. (no dialogue)

Pic 6: Full width panel, long shot of the three outside, kicked out by the bar guards. Marty
looks speechless but not scared, wiping his face with a handkerchief. Stevie is dripping water
as he has his hand on Stan’s shoulder.

Marty: …….

Stevie: ..thanks buddy.

Stan: Anything for a friend.




comic concept sketches



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