Nov 2009, 18 month project

‘Dreadnoughts’ is a multiplayer third-person shooter taking place in an alternative history of World War II. By the beginning of the 20th century, technology based on steam engine has advanced far and is used to make war machines. Chosun(Korea) is under the rule of England and fighting for freedom. In the midst of this, China comes to snatch Chosun from England. The three countries collide, using gigantic steam battle machines called dreadnoughts and versatile aircrafts called steamriders.

The main idea for this game was to make a team shooting game that actually required team play. A lot of online shooters in team match do not require as much team play for victory, and tend to rely on individual technique. To acheive victory in ‘Dreadnoughts’, team play is a must. A team consists of one dreadnought and one steamrider. Dreadnoughts have the main firepower; but to attack, Steamriders must collect the steam coals which become energy used in weapons. Steamriders can also repair the dreadnoughts and use special skills like the invisible ray, freeze ray, carpet bombs and such to aid the dreadnought.

Everything including 3D assets and game engine was made from scratch.

Environment / UI Artist and Level Designer - Alexa Bona Kim

Character Artist and Level Designer - Youngho Kim

Programmers - Youngdae Yoo, Yeonsung Lee, Jaechan Kim