Mar 2010, 5 month project

‘NeuroWander: Hansel and Gretel’ is a brain-computer interface game that uses the Neurosky headset as the input device. You follow the original storyline as Hansel and Gretel and use your brainwaves in attention and meditation status (plus some keyboard and mouse control) to aid them through various obstacles.

This was a project in collaboration with AICT(Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology) of Korea. One programmer and two designers including myself worked from 2009 Fall to 2010 Spring. 

This game has been showcased in the 2011 Korea HCI Conference, 2010 Gyeonggi Gwangyo Technovalley Exhibition and the 2010 Korea Serious Game Festival 2010.

Artist - Alexa Bona Kim

Programmer - Hyun Gil

3D Modeler / Animator - Youngho Kim