March 2015, 2 months of development


Summoner Poro takes the recent gameplay statistics of a League of Legends' player and visualizes it into one unique Poro(furry creature that became the mascot of the game). Each physical attribute of the Poro is dependent on the corresponding gameplay data. For instance, the player's kill/death/assist ratio decides the Poro's color, whereas the frequency of tank type champions played decides the mass of the Poro's body. You may look up a single player, or if they are currently in an active game, look up their entire team.

These Poros not only provide an intuitive overview of a player's recent playstyle, but it is a fun way to share your player identity with friends. Summoner Poro is a work in progress, and will soon be available as a web and mobile application. In the near future, the application will feature many interactions you can have with your Poro and other players' Poros.


Design, Art, User research - Alexa Bona Kim

Design, Engineering - Evan Stern


You can use the web version or download the mobile app at: