October 2016

World War Toons is an online multiplayer first person shooter set in an alternate universe of WWII. Think Call of Duty meets Loony Tunes, where the laws of physics go out the window and instead, players are given rockets to ride, picnic baskets to throw and grand pianos to drop on foes.

As a game designer, I created the 'Playground' level, 'Calibration' minigame and worked on character iteration, animation systems and visual communication for combat.

The 'Playground' level is a sandbox level that showcases all content of the game in a compacted level. I designed it for both starting players and experienced players to test and practice their loadouts and pickup boxes. The four segments of the level are each of our multiplayer levels redesigned in theme park style.

The 'Calibration' minigame was designed specifically for VR players to test and adjust their 'quick turn' sensitivity setting. Quick turn is when you rotate your character around by turning your head to either side, without physically turning your whole body. The minigame uses a familiar tune to let players test out how comfortably they can rotate to react to surrounding action. Since comfort is subjective and not always tied to a specific sensitivity value, the continuation of the musical melody is what the game provides as a means to self evaluate if that setting is adequate.

Website: https://www.worldwartoons.com/

Developer: Studio Roqovan

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platforms: Playstation, Playstation VR (Currently on hold after open beta)



Playground level in editor


Calibration minigame video