Jan 2018

Stunt Corgi is a physics driven sandbox game where you build ridiculous stunt courses for your daring corgi. You are given an inventory of items ranging from boxes, planks, cannons, portals and more. Build up your course, set an action path for your corgi and see it unravel.

Stunt Corgi came about during the studio's R&D phase after World War Toons. I started with a serendipitous idea, realized it into a 2 week rapid prototype that was chosen as the studio's next project. After 2 more months of solo development, the rest of the studio joined in for full production. I took on the role of the project's creative lead to develop high level vision and managed the work of all departments to ensure every aspect of the game came together in a clear design.

The main challenge of this project has been finding the right balance of right and wrong in terms of player expectation and the free-form nature of a sandbox game. Very early on in development, the focus in design was to classify what the constants and variables are and how they are communicated to the player. For instance, the actions performed by the corgi are designed to be highly reliable. But this, in combination with the varying construction of the stunt course, makes open ended interactions of the game stay within the expectations of the player just enough for them to build upon their past experimentation. 

The game is developed in C++, using Unreal Engine 4. In early development, I worked with one other engineer for 2 months developing the structure of the gameplay, mechanics and all classes. As acting lead of the design team, I am continuing my work on design and code iterations while providing direction for the two other designers on the project. This project is currently in beta and is slated to launch in January, 2018.

Website: http://stuntcorgi.xyz/

Developer: Studio Roqovan

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platforms: HTC Vive


Footage showcasing Stunt Corgi at the Fall SoCal Corgi Beach Day 2017